We will share the complete process of withdrawing money from Exodus wallet in this blog, so if you are wondering how to withdraw money from Exodus wallet, this is the blog for you. Further, we will guide you through a complete review of the Exodus wallet so you can better understand it.

What is an Exodus wallet?

Exodus is an easy-to-use wallet that supports multiple cryptocurrencies. It allows you to manage your 0x, Aragon, Augur, Basic Attention Token (BAT), Bancor, Civic, District0x, EOS, Edgeless, FirstBlood, FunFair, Gnosis, Golem, Matchpool, Metal, Numeraire, OmiseGo, SALT, SingularDTV, Storj, Status, WeTrust, Wings and more and calculate and organize your savings easily with the pie chart portfolio. Through Exodus’ built-in exchange, you can instantly buy and sell any coin supported by the game. Backing up your wallet will ensure that it is safe and ready for later use. Exodus is partially open source. 

Withdraw money from Exodus wallet

If you don’t know exactly withdraw money from your Exodus wallet, then don’t worry we will share the complete process.

Here are very simple steps to be followed:-

Step1:-  To get started, do the following: Open Exodus wallet and select the “Send” option.

Step2:-  Choose your preferred currency for the transfer

Step3:-  Now, select digital currency exchange and enter your address.

Step4:-  Copy and paste the address from your exchange account after clicking receive.

Step5:-   Select the amount you want to withdraw and confirm a transaction.

Step6:-  Offload the assets on the exchange and transfer the coins to cash.

Step7:-  Under settings, select the appropriate withdrawal option and add a payment method.

Step8:-  Input amount wants to withdraw.

Step9:-  It is necessary to add account details and click continue.

It is very useful for users to follow the steps above in order to withdraw money from their Exodus wallets. Digital currency exchange offers all the steps you need to follow to get money from Exodus. Picking up the currency is not difficult.

Security feature

Regarding security, it is important to note that as of this writing, Exodus does not have access to your assets or private keys. With Exodus wallet, all storage and encryption were perform in the user’s hard drive, not on Exodus servers. User accounts are accessed via passwords after the platform has been downloaded.  A 12-word recovery phrase will be provided to users if they need to recover their accounts.

Trezor offers Exodus users the ability to manage their assets offline from the Trezor hardware wallet, for those who prefer to keep their assets offline. Users of Exodus can send, exchange, and receive assets using hardware wallets linked to their private keys. It is important to note that Trezor supports hundreds of assets.

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Is Exodus a safe wallet?

According to our web research and listening to the community, most people are happy using the because it has an easy-to-use interface. Shapeshift helps you exchange cryptocurrencies directly between one wallet and another. It’s one of the safest wallets available. The portfolio is an inbuilt feature that gives you a real-time overview of your investments and shows the value in real time.

Exodus wallet fees

This wallet is free to download and use, and there are no costs or limitations to what you can do. Transaction fees will charged by the network whenever you send or receive cryptocurrency, but there are no wallets that don’t charge these fees.

Cryptocurrency exchanges make money for Exodus. The service earns a fee when you exchange currencies, for instance. During the transaction preparation process, you can see the exchange fees.

Bottom Line

Exodus wallet is one of the best wallets around. A better choice than other wallets is Exodus if we compare it to another wallet. In addition to that, we have provided everything you need to know about Exodus wallet so that you can learn how to withdraw money from it. Afterward, we went over all the steps for withdrawing money from your wallet to your bank account. You can still contact Exodus customer support if you’re having trouble following the process so that your questions can be resolved right away.