Crypto investors or traders want to use the best crypto exchange to handle different activities. Whether you are an active trader, you can keep money throughout the exchange. Based on a trading strategy, you can go for a well-established exchange in the marketplace. Coinbase is a popular platform for huge customers and trading volume. Users have a great option to Transfer Money From Coinbase To Binance and access a different range of trading pairs. Transferring from one exchange to another is not a complicated process. You have to copy the wallet address and paste them to desired exchange. 

  • Whether you have a coinbase and Binance account, carry out transfer money between each other quickly.
  • Once you decide to transfer money, you can manage a separate account from Coinbase and binance.
  • While shifting from Coinbase to Binance, start at receiving of Binance account.
  • Users copy Binance wallet for money they wish to receive.
  • After that, move to send section of the Binance account.
  • Then, paste the wallet address in the proper place.

Transfer Money(USDT) From Coinbase To Binance:


Move money between Coinbase and Binance becomes easy if you keep Binance and Coinbase accounts. People are willing to move money from one place to another for different reasons. USDT is the prevalent currency in the crypto space and manages a stable price. You can follow a simple procedure to Transfer Money From Coinbase To Binance.

Log in to Binance Fiat and Spot Wallet:

First, users log in to Binance and move to the fiat and spot option. After that, you can see the top navigation bar and click the wallet and order tab. If you want to extend the wallet tab, click on the wallet option. When you click wallet, a menu will appear. To acquire a fiat and spot wallet, move to the navigation menu and choose fiat and spot.

Search USDT and Press The Deposit Button:

After the above step, you will go ahead with fiat and spot wallet. You can deposit and withdraw money through your wallet. On that page, you will view a list of currency and how much you keep on exchange. You may use search coin search field to search for the currency you want to deposit. It will let you access USDT and press the deposit button.

Copy USDT Address:

When you click the deposit option on USDT, you can send it to your USDT wallet. Investors or traders notice a dropdown box with the currency they prefer under the coin header.

  • Select currency wants to deposit from the coin menu box.
  • Whether you deposit USDT, choose USDT tether from the coin option box.
  • Under the address section, you can identify your wallet address.
  • When you select USDT, the wallet address will show, and you copy them.

Visit Coinbase and Select Send or Receive:

Once you copy the wallet address you wish to deposit on Binance, you can visit Coinbase. Coinbase users must log in to their account.

  • You will redirect to the homepage when you log in to the platform. 
  • On the homepage, you will see an option like buying or selling and send or receive.
  • Buy or sell option lets you buy and sell currency.
  • On the other hand, receiving or transmitting allows people to send and receive the asset.
  • If you want to send the currency to Binance, select send or receive.

Copy and Paste The USDT Wallet Address:

You can identify different fields and fill them out before moving money. To commence, input amount of money want to move to Binance. When you choose USDT, you can click on USDT in the payment option. Once you choose an asset, click on continue to proceed.

Send Money Quickly:

Users will send to the transaction tab and overview all details. It will show the amount of USDT moved to Binance. You may also view network cost, total and expected transaction time, Coinbase charge and others.

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How To Transfer Money From Coinbase To Binance Without Fees:

transfer from coinbase to binance without fees

Binance also extends zero fees promotion for the bank deposit via the FPS for GBP and SEPA for EUR because of popular demand. Binance users can Transfer Money From Coinbase To Binance without any fee. 

All the individuals deposit money with no fee to account by preferring to buy the currency through bank deposit. Depositing with GBP never requires fees by choosing to buy currency via the bank deposit.

Binance users take pleasure in sending and receiving currency instantly via SEPA. Binance never takes control over money. You can trade on the platform without obstacles and deal with the activity effectively.

How To Transfer ADA from Coinbase To Binance:

Transfer ADA from coinbase to binance

Whether you want to move Cardano from the Coinbase to binance, you must copy the ADA deposit address in binance. Navigate to send tab on the Coinbase and paste the address. Users must finish the verification process and proceed with the transaction. You can understand a way to Transfer Money From Coinbase To Binance. 

Fiat and Spot in Binance:

Users try to log in to their Binance account and see different options. Then, click on the wallet locate in page and move to the fiat and spot option.

Copy ADA Deposit Address:

Once you click on the fiat and spot, you will view the asset list. It manages the search box and allows you to identify the ADA. Once you identify ADA, click on deposit. Deposit crypto will appear after choosing the deposit option. You can choose a network to see the deposit address that supports the Coinbase and Binance.

Send on Coinbase:

Above steps, you can sign in to the Coinbase platform and view the send or receive button. Click on the option that will enable you to go to on the send tab.

Input Amount and Paste Address:

You can enter the ADA amount you want to send and choose Cardano in pay in the relevant field. Paste the address that you get from Binance

  • After that, click on the continue option.
  • A confirmation pop-up will display on the screen that contains transaction details and the network fee. 
  • You must go through all the details carefully and click confirm.
  • Once transfer money, you can check your Binance account and know the balance.

How Long Does It Take to Transfer Money From Binance to Coinbase:

Transferring money from one account to another is an everyday activity. In the present crypto landscape, you have different options to Transfer Money From Coinbase To Binance across the network. Each blockchain and network is different and manages its own mechanism and time frame. The transfer takes thirty minutes to finish. The platform also takes twenty-four hours for transactions when they experience the high network congestion.

(FAQs) Frequently Asked Questions

Is transferring from Coinbase to Binance easy?

Yes, Binance allows money to transfer based on your wish. You may also use bank transfer to deposit money into an account and wire transfer to put the money.

What is the duration to transfer from Coinbase to Binance?

Duration to transfer from Coinbase to Binance may vary depending on network and Blockchain congestion.

Is Coinbase and Binance account mandatory for transfer?

Yes, Coinbase and Binance account quickly transfer money by following simple steps.