Crypto investors and traders lose their cryptos to hackers, cybercriminals, and scammers. Significant portions of the crypto assets were drained off from reputable exchanges and online wallets. So, investors want to move their crypto to hardware wallets. Are you thinking about to send Crypto To Ledger? Well! Read this guide thoroughly to safeguard your crypto assets. 

Requirements For Sending Crypto To Ledger

You must have a few things whenever you want to send cryptocurrency to the Ledger hardware wallet. Or else it is impossible to perform the crypto transaction safely and smoothly. Here are the primary requirements for this transaction.

  • You need an account from wherever you purchase the cryptocurrency. It could be a reliable crypto exchange to enjoy trouble-free transactions. For instance, you can create an account on Coinbase, a leading crypto exchange in the market. 
  • You must have a trustworthy ledger hardware wallet such as Nano S, Nano X, and Nano S Plus. Once you have chosen the ledger hardware wallet, you need to set up your ledger device and be able to install apps on it. 

For instance, if you choose Ledger Nano S wallet, you need to download and install the Ledger Live app (desktop or mobile) as per your needs. Then, create a new PIN for the app and select to initialize the new devices. Connect your ledger device to your desktop and use the buttons on the device to create the new PIN. The device will generate a 24-word seed phrase that must keep safe. After that, confirm the recovery phrase on the hardware wallet and the Ledger Live app security checklist. Now, the ledger wallet is set up and ready to use. If you stuck anywhere in the process, you can simply contact with our Crypto Customer service provider team. Also available on live chat support.

How To Send Crypto To Ledger on Desktop

Send Crypto To Ledger on Desktop

Are you thinking about how to send Crypto To Ledger on a desktop? If yes, then follow the below-mentioned steps carefully. It allows you to easily send the cryptocurrency of your choice to the ledger device. Remember that you do not require special skills to activate and access any hardware wallet. It renders you peace of mind and focuses more on the process.

  • Firstly, you must connect your ledger device to your desktop using the USB cable. Then, press the allow ledger manager on the hardware device. 
  • Once the wallet is connected to the Ledger Live app, navigate to the accounts section. 
  • Then, tab “Add Accounts” and choose the crypto assets you want to deposit to store here from the drop-down menu.
  • As soon as the token account is created, tap on the “receive” tab under the Ledger live menu.
  • When you have multiple accounts hosted on the hardware wallet, you should select the account for the cryptocurrency you want to transfer to the hardware device.
  • Choose the cryptocurrency asset you want to receive on the ledger wallet. After that, tap “verify” on the Ledger live app to view the wallet address.
  • It is time to copy the wallet address displayed on the Ledger Live app. Remember that it should match the wallet address showcased on the ledger wallet. 
  • Log in to the cryptocurrency exchange from where you wish to transfer the crypto coins. Then, press the “withdrawal/send” button. 
  • You must paste the wallet address copied from Ledger live in the recipient address section. Finally, tap the send button to authorize the cryptocurrency transfer.

How To Send Crypto To Ledger on Smartphone

Instead of a desktop, you can send the cryptocurrency to Ledger using your smartphone. To do so, you have to follow these steps correctly. 

  • Once the Ledger device is connected to your mobile, you should open Ledger Live. 
  • Tab on the “accounts” tab and proceed to add an account 
  • Choose the crypto you want to send to Ledger from the crypto assets section.
  • Once the account has been added to the Ledger Live app, go to the accounts sections and choose the account you recently created
  • Press the “receive” option to get the crypto receiving address. It is more important because it helps you to transfer the cryptocurrency from any location to your Ledger wallet.
  • If you have done this correctly, a pop-up will appear and prompt you to choose the account you want to credit. 
  • Then, choose the option to display the address on the device. You will receive funds at this address only when it matches the one displayed on your device. So, it is necessary to check the address shown in your Ledger app, and the address appears on your Ledger device the same.
  • If it is identical, then you are ready to transact. You can scan the QR code from your mobile or copy the address displayed in the Ledger app where you wish to receive the crypto.
  • Once the QR code is scanned or the address is copied, click on “Send” from your wallet. That’s enough!

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How To Send Crypto from Coinbase To Ledger Wallet

How To Send Crypto from Coinbase To Ledger Wallet

Ledger wallet such as Ledger Nano S helps you to store your cryptocurrency safely. Coinbase is a crypto exchange that allows you to keep your crypto assets online or offline in the hardware wallet as per your needs. Before sending coins from Coinbase to your Ledger wallet, you must set up your device. Try to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to download the right software. Here are the significant steps to follow to perform the transaction.

Step 1: Plug Your Ledger In

Connect your Ledger device to computer and open the Ledger Live app. Put your password in. On the menu, choose the receive option. A fund receipt screen will appear and showcase the instructions for receiving your funds. Select the account that you wish to credit and press “continue.” Now, the Ledger Live program ensures that the Ledger device is linked up with your desktop and you have selected the right app according to the crypto you wish to shift. 

Once it has been completed, select the continue option on your computer. When it is prompted with “verify the address on the device,” choose to continue. Confirm whether the address matches up manually. Or else the Ledger will confirm. Next, select the “copy” button to copy the address. Once you have set the device up and are ready to receive funds, log into your Coinbase account to send your crypto. 

Step 2: Choose Accounts on The Dashboard

When you find the Coinbase dashboard, you must select “accounts.” Then, you can access the wallets that you have through the exchange. 

Step 3: Select The Coinbase Wallet

Coinbase has different wallets for different cryptocurrencies. If you send bitcoin, choose the wallet that stores your bitcoin. Once you have done this, tap on the send button underneath the wallet.

Step 4: Enter Ledger address

Since your Ledger device is a cold and offline wallet, enter the unique address that comes along with it to perform any transaction. Put the address into the recipient box and enter the number of cryptos you wish to shift in the next box. Finally, select “Continue.”

Closing Thoughts on Sending Crypto To Ledger

Now, you get clear insight on How To Send Crypto To Ledger quickly and safely. Here, you learn about the process of sending crypto to the Ledger Nano S wallet. You will find specific changes in these steps based on your chosen Ledger wallet. So, there is nothing to worry about, and perform the transaction quickly. Ensure you verify the wallet address before proceeding with the transaction to avoid troubles. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Ledger safer than Coinbase?

Based on the comparison between Ledger and Coinbase, it is apparent that Ledger has a better security feature than Coinbase. 

Can you trust Ledger?

Is the Ledger secure? As a cryptocurrency wallet, Ledger offers a safe solution thanks to its security features and independent audits. Although Ledger is a powerful wallet, it carries security risks.

What happens if I lose my Ledger?

Nothing to worry about! You do not lose your cryptocurrency if you lose your Ledger device! A private PIN and securely stored recovery phrase ensure that only you can use the device, preventing anyone else from accessing your accounts.