In the present scenario, more and more individuals focus on a decentralized form of transaction. Many online trades, investments and transactions can trace to blockchain technology. People use blockchain technology in digital currency and other things. You must know more about blockchain, its uses and application, use the right blockchain platform, and create an account for managing different activities. People can remove blockchain account for different reasons. Users wish to close their account due to receiving unwanted emails from the platform. 

  • You can learn possible ways to remove or cancel an account.
  • The blockchain serves as a perfect wallet and allows users to send, trade, and receive a vast range of currency.
  • The online application helps the crypto user to build or edit account information. 

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4 Steps To Delete Blockchain Account

A blockchain account can validate a specific number of times. Cryptography technology ensures that it never reverses or replaces. On the other hand, transactions on blockchain never format quickly. You can follow a simple procedure to remove and delete the Blockchain account.

Step 1: Log in to your email account:

Users must access the email used to sign up for a blockchain account. The same email may also use for registration. Any other email never accepts opening a blockchain account. You can enter the correct username and password to log in to the account and start deleting process.

Step 2: Compile email:

It is a crucial step to start removing the account. Blockchain platform users must create a small message that reveals intend to remove blockchain account. You can pass information via email. You can create a message with a proper letter that makes sense. Address email is an important thing to note. You can send it to the proper address and get a good result.

Step 3: Subject Email:

The email subject is another essential consideration and helps the support team to respond to the request as soon as possible. You can create a subject that request to delete the account. With subject, experts can sort out via email in the email you need to know.

Step 4: Go Through The Content:

Once enter all mandatory details in an email, you can go through the email. Based on it, you can ensure that you never miss anything. Blockchain users check everything from subject to email and message. 

What Is The Best Way To Delete A Blockchain Account Permanently?

Best Way To Delete A Blockchain Account Permanently

A Blockchain account can be permanently deleted in two ways. First, you can send an email to the mail address asking them to delete your account permanently. All you need to share the reason for your account deletion.

Another option is to contact our Blockchain customer support service to permanently delete your blockchain account. If you’re not able to delete your blockchain account permanently, our customer support is the best place to get your queries answered. We provide 24/7 customer service that will help you get your questions answered. We provide live chat support as well as our toll-free number +1 (800)-921-4163.

What Happens To My Funds If I Delete My Blockchain Account?

The reason for this is that it depends on the case. If you have created a wallet but have not made any transactions such as sending or receiving, your account can be permanently deleted. While you can still delete a wallet if you have made transactions, it will always remain on the blockchain.

Can I Recover My Deleted Blockchain Account?

Despite being locked out of your crypto wallet, you still have three options to try out before giving up on recovering it. One of these three methods has proven to be helpful for many investors. You can try these three things if you are unable to access your blockchain wallets. Your crypto wallet should be accessible again with a bit of luck. 

  1. Recover Blockchain wallets with cloud backup
  2. Contact Crypto recovery customer service (Open Chat)
  3. Using seed phrase

These are the three major ways that you can try If you’ve deleted your blockchain account.

Contact Our Blockchain Customer Service Team

If you have any doubts about how to delete or remove Blockchain account, you can contact the blockchain customer service team and get the ideal solution for solving the issue. You can get better assistance in following every step carefully and finishing the blockchain deleting process soon. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What measure to focus for deleting the Blockchain account?

Users visit the blockchain platform to switch to settings and click delete account. Before removing an account, you can withdraw all funds.

How to shift funds from a private key wallet?

When it comes to deleting the account, you must send the digital asset to the safest destination. You can use the recovery phrase to send crypto.

How to transfer funds from trading accounts?

If you want to delete the blockchain account, you can send the asset to an external address or private key wallet.