Bitcoin ATM is the best place for people to access money easily. If you want to use a bitcoin kiosk, you must create an account with the operator. You can understand simple steps to withdraw money from Bitcoin ATM. It is a great choice to withdraw money in exchange for digital currency. Crypto owners must look at transaction size and make a wise decision to withdraw the fund. Bitcoin ATM withdrawal never requires a bank account. You can wait for a few minutes to finish a transaction. Investors must focus on major requirements to withdraw the fund.

Consider Steps To Withdraw Money From Bitcoin ATM

Discover the nearest ATM:

If you want to withdraw money from ATM, you must look at the nearest ATM in your location. When searching for a bitcoin kiosk, you can use the right map, type the zip code, and apply the buy and sell filter. You must choose ATM that supports two-way transactions that make it easy to buy digital currency and withdraw the fund for exchange a digital asset.

Choose the currency wish to sell:

Once you arrive at the nearest bitcoin kiosk, you can get ready to withdraw funds in exchange for digital currency. You may also choose a currency like to exchange.

Meet terms and conditions:

People often prefer ATM that operates legally in the crypto space. The operator runs the machine according to strict rules and regulations in the country. You can spend time online and collect more information about kiosks.

  • Bitcoin kiosk provides detailed service to the customer.
  • You may also understand the security measure in the ATM kiosk.
  • Users must accept terms and conditions and carry out different matters without hassle.

Choose cash limit:

After accepting the terms and conditions, you will prompt to set a cash limit. You can view the option and choose the ideal one. If you register with ATM, you can proceed with further steps. An error message will show when you never register with ATM.

  • The kiosk will ask you to enter your phone number.
  • After that, you can submit a confirmation code and bring additional identification.
  • You must understand more about the identification requirement for the transaction.

Input phone number:

After finishing the above step, you can input your mobile number and get the one-time password. Once you get them, you can go forward with the transaction. Crypto owners access the message with a password.

Choose the amount you want to withdraw:

You must confirm your phone number and bitcoin ATM name. The machine will let users enter the amount of digital asset wants to exchange for cash to withdraw. You may also withdraw in increments based on the machine.

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Scan QR code:

QR code is an essential factor for users to withdraw funds. Once you decide the amount of currency you want to exchange for cash, the kiosk will print a QR code receipt. Users never face any obstacle to withdraw money from Bitcoin ATM. You can open the app from your phone. On the other hand, you may utilize the wallet app. It is easy to send a digital currency list to a wallet address. You can always remember to scan the QR code.


Wait for network confirmation:

Network confirmation is mandatory to complete the process. After sending the digital asset to the kiosk, you should wait for transaction confirmation. 

  • Whether the transaction confirms, you will get a message on the phone.
  • It reveals that funds are ready for withdrawal.
  • The process takes a few minutes to finish.
  • When you are still waiting for a text message, you can contact customer support and acquire service as soon as possible.

Withdraw cash quickly:

After getting confirmation on the blockchain, you can access the receipt for cash from ATM. The kiosk will let you scan the QR code on a ticket with the camera. Crypto investors and traders will prompt to input their phone numbers and confirm their identity.

  • If you have doubts about withdraw money from Bitcoin ATMyou can reach customer support and pick up the ideal solution.
  • Once you confirm your identity, the kiosk will dispense money.
  • Withdrawal receipt ticket can be valid for forty-five minutes after print.
  • Users must finish the transaction at the ideal time.
  • If the transaction takes more time, you can immediately call customer support and tell them the problem.
  • They aid you in seamlessly revalidating the ticket and proceeding with the withdrawal process. 

Check fees to Withdraw Money From Bitcoin ATM:

Before withdrawing funds, you must check fees from ATM. The kiosk charges a fee for money withdrawal in exchange for the digital asset. The machine showcases fees in digital currency price. Besides that, blockchain also comes with fluctuating fees to the miner as a reward for establishing transactions.

Users may also charge network fees and consider minimum and maximum fees. There is a separate fee for digital currency and other tokens purchase. Variable fee charges can fix based on how busy the blockchain. So you can look at the procedure and follow them to withdraw the fund successfully.


Hope you like this information on how to withdraw money from Bitcoin ATM. As many users and investors don’t know the complete process. That is why we’ve shared every detail on this topic so, that you’ll get to know how you can withdraw money from Bitcoin ATM.