Binance is one of the famous and largest crypto exchange to buy/sell cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Dogecoin, Binancecoin, etc. A completely secure exchange with completely encrypted transactions. Your wallet provides you with the ability to exchange cryptocurrency or other virtual funds with other people. Trading on Binance is uncomplicated unless you run into any problems, and there are a variety of problems users can run into. Many users have reported that Binance does not show trade history across regions, making it difficult for them to check the history of their trades.

The transaction history of many users’ accounts cannot be viewed or checked. Depending on your device, you can view the transaction history differently, including on a desktop or a mobile device. The following steps will explain how to check the transaction history that is not showing up in your Binance account.

Steps To Find Transaction History on Binance

Step 1:- First you need to log in to your Binance wallet

Step 2: Select the wallet as per your choice

Step 3: The Binance toolbar has a window that appears when you hover over the ‘Funds’ button. 

Step 4: The service suite Binance offers includes depositing, withdrawing, transferring, and more. Depending on the service, the maximum period of transactions you can view at once will vary.

Step 5: To In the top right corner of your Binance account page, click on Generate all statements to download or generate all your transactions.

By following these simple steps a spreadsheet will be shown that you can download and you can check the trade history in a spreadsheet. You can also check the trade history on your mobile as well. We will also share how to check the history.

Steps To Find Binance Trade History on Mobile:-

Binace Trade History on Mobile

Step 1: Open the Binance app for Android or iPhone and tap on “Funds.

Step 2: Tap the History button in the upper-right corner and then select the date from there

Step 3: All your deposits and withdrawals are now listed on this page.

Step 4: You can now view all your past deposits in Binance by clicking on the Deposits History tab.

Step 5: You can view all your past withdrawals from the exchange by selecting the Withdrawals History tab on the right.

Now we’ve shared the complete process on how to check the trade history on the Binance wallet. The best part of the Binance wallet is you can check the trade history on your wallet. But if you don’t know how to check it then this article will definitely help you.

Binance Customer Support (Advisory) Service

There is no way for you to check your Binance wallet’s trade history. Nevertheless, if you have any trouble with Binance trade history or if you still have any problems, you can call our Binance customer service line and get online assistance from experts who can assist you. In addition, they can assist you with any other cryptocurrency-related issues related to Binance trading, wallets, or wallets.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How long does Binance keep your trade history?

To download your entire Binance trading history, you may need to export multiple CSV files as Binance lets you download a maximum of one year at a time.

How to generate transaction history in the Binance wallet?

Well, we’ve shared the complete process that would help you to check the trade history. You can check on desktop and mobile as well.

How do I get Binance reports?

Binance can be accessed by logging in and selecting a wallet, then overview. You can now generate all statements by clicking on your transaction history. For your Binance transaction history, you will also need to select a date range. The export of Binance’s trade history is limited to one year.