Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and many others have been used widely for quick transactions across the world. It uses blockchain technology for accomplishing storing and secure cryptos. Normally, the crypto uses the peer-to-peer network in the computers for making the transactions. Coinbase Wallet is one of the most secure and highly preferred cryptocurrency wallets for buying and selling cryptos. The coinbase recovery phrase is a suitable option for creating a Coinbase Wallet account. It is suitable for recovering the wallet even when you cannot get access to it.

What Is The Coinbase Wallet Recovery Phrase?

The recovery phrase, also called the seed phrase involves a series of 12 to 24 words generated with a cryptocurrency wallet. These would give better access to cryptos associated with the wallet. Normally, the wallet is quite similar to that of a password manager for cryptos.

Recovery phrase is similar to that of a master password. You’ll have access to crypto associated with the wallet when you have a recovery phrase. The coinbase wallet recovery phrase involves a series of words instead of a long numeric string of numbers. Sometimes, these are quite difficult for humans to remember, so they can be written down or stored.

A powerful way to secure the recovery phrase is by splitting between safe deposit boxes in multiple locations. Some people also have been using the use services to engrave recovery phrases. Coinbase Wallet can be useful for buying and selling cryptos. It is also quite a convenient option for choosing the encrypted Google Drive, iCloud recover-phrase backup feature or any other.

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How To Get Phrase For Recover Coinbase Wallet?

Coinbase Wallet is the best option for securing your cryptocurrency online even without any hassle. You can conveniently sign in with your 12-digit seed phrase for recovering the Coinbase Wallet. Your Coinbase Wallet can restore by easily entering the recovery phrase.

You can use iCloud or Google Drive to recover your Coinbase wallet when you have forgotten your recovery phrase. It is necessary to have the recovery phrase. When you do not have the recovery phrase, then it will be difficult to recover the Coinbase wallet. Coinbase also could not recover the phrase for you, so you could not get access to them. Below are the steps to get the coinbase recovery phrase.

Step 1

  • Open the Coinbase Wallet app
  • You could see “Create a new wallet” and “I already have a wallet”
  • Click “I already have a wallet” to recover Coinbase Wallet

Step 2

  • Open the “Restore Wallet” page
  • You’ll see “Restore with recovery phrase” option
  • You’ll see “Restore with iCloud” option If you have backed up your recovery phrase using iCloud
  • You’ll see “Restore with Google Drive” option if you have backed the recovery phrase with Google Drive
  • Click “Restore with recovery phrase”
  • Start recovering Coinbase Wallet with the 12-digit recovery phrase

Step 3

  • Access the “Sign in with a recovery phrase” page
  • Enter a 12-word recovery phrase
  • Sign in recovery phrase
  • You would not be able to recover Coinbase Wallet If you lost access to recovery phrase
  • Click “Next” to recover your wallet

Step 4

  • Set up a passcode or Use Touch ID
  • Open “Protect Your Wallet” page
  • Add extra layer of security
  • Go through this procedure again for accessing the Coinbase Wallet after signing out
  • More security options like “Use Touch ID” and “Set up Passcode are seen on iOS device
  • Click “Use Touch ID”

Step 5

  • Open “Back up your Wallet” page
  • The secret recovery phrase on the next screen will be shown
  • Click checkbox to agree
  • Tap “Back up now” to Back up recovery phrase to iCloud or Google Drive
  • Click “Later”
  • You’ve successfully recovered your Coinbase Wallet

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How To Find My Coinbase Recovery Phrase In iPhone?

Find Coinbase Recovery Phrase in iPhone

Coinbase wallet is one of the highly popular options for buying and selling the cryptos such as Bitcoin and others. Recover Coinbase wallet with Recovery Phrase can be set while registering your account. The recovery phrase is the 12-word password phrase for easily cloning the wallet. It is quite important to protect your Recovery Phrase. Below are the steps you can easily follow to find coinbase recovery phrase on your iPhone.

  • Open Coinbase wallet app
  • Click the “Settings” button
  • Choose “Recovery Phrase” from the Settings page
  • It displays the recovery phrase
  • Clone your Coinbase wallet using your recovery phrase
  • Install on multiple devices

Keeping track of the recovery phrase is of the utmost importance. Anyone with your recovery phrase could easily gain access to your cryptos. You could even lose access to the Cryptos when you lose or delete the wallet without saving the recovery phrase. Normally, there are many strategies involved in securing the recovering phrases.

Where Is The 12-Word Phrase Coinbase?

Where Is The 12 Word Phrase Coinbase

The Coinbase Wallet will be generating the 12-word recovery phrase, so these are called the seed phrase.

You need to have them for accessing the wallet along with your cryptos. Losing your seed phrase will prevent you from accessing Coinbase Wallet.

You need to ensure that you never miss a recovery phrase and cannot move your fund or access the digital assets if you do not enter your recovery phrase.12-word phrases in Coinbase can be easily accessed by following the below steps.

  • Open Coinbase Wallet mobile app
  • Click Settings
  • Tap Recovery Phrase
  • Select “Backup to iCloud/Google Drive” or Backup manually
  • Your recovery phrase is displayed to write down

Find the Coinbase Wallet recovery phrase in the Coinbase Wallet settings. So you can easily access them anytime without any hassle. Follow the below steps to find the 12 word phrase Coinbase in your iOS.

  • Open Coinbase Wallet app
  • Click gear icon
  • Open the “Security” option
  • Click “Recovery Phrase”
  • Enter passcode or use Touch ID
  • You’ll see your 12-digit recovery phrase
  • You’ve entered a passcode or used Touch ID

Coinbase Wallet Recovery Phrase Not Working

Use Recovery Phrase for restoring the Bitcoin or any liquid wallet. When you receive Invalid Recovery Phrase” error, then it will be difficult to access your account. Below is the possibility for your Coinbase Wallet Recovery Phrase Not Working.

  • Words in recovery phrases Are Incorrect
  • Not lower case
  • Hidden punctuation
  • Misspelling
  • Copy-pasted
  • The backup is not written down clearly
  • One or more words are missing
  • Password protection is incorrectly enabled
  • Words are correct but in the wrong order

Contact Us To Recover Coinbase Wallet

Normally, Restoring access to the Coinbase Wallet is quite difficult. Do you find that the coinbase wallet recovery phrase is not working? Have you lost your Recovery Phrase for your Coinbase wallet? You could be a victim of a compromised account or even suffer technical issues while accessing the account.

Contact our customer support service to get your problem fixed. You can easily use the live chat option to message the professional team. It is efficient to fill out the contact form by selecting the Coinbase Wallet on the list.


Above are efficient options for storing an encrypted version of the recovery phrase. It is also necessary to keep the recovery phase safer offline apart from the Cloud. You have your crypto as long as you have the coinbase recovery phrase. If you lose the hardware wallet, then you cannot get access to your cryptos.